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Daoli district

Updated : 2016-05-27

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Daoli district is one of Harbin’s major commercial districts and is home to five business circles: Central Avenue, Zhaolin, Aijian, Guxiang and Qunli. It also features three economic belts: the Headquarters Economy Belt at Youyi Road, the Emerging Industry Belt at Airport Road, and the Tourism Belt along the Songhua River.

It is home to six zones that include Qunli New District, Laocheng district, the Airport Economic Zone and Changlinghu New District. There are also many financing institutes on Youyi Road, such as banks, insurance companies and securities institutions.

Daoli also has abundant tourism resources, including Central Avenue’s pedestrian street, the Songhua River and Changling Lake. It enjoys profound cultural heritages, such as Russian and Jewish cultures. Its Qunli district is the first demonstration area for the cultural industry across Heilongjiang province.

Daoli has well-developed road and water transportation systems and is home to Taiping International Airport, one of the top 10 airports in China. Its beautiful environment and excellent air quality also make Daoli an ideal place to live, with many upscale communities, such as Aijian and Guanjiang International.

Qunli New District has won a Living Environment Model award and the Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment (DIABP). Meanwhile, the Harbin municipal Party committee, the People’s Congress, municipal Political Consultative Conference, and administrative service center are all located in Daoli.

Autumn power grid maintenance concludes in Harbin

The autumn schedule for power grid maintenance in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province concluded on Oct 30.