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Pingfang district

Updated : 2016-05-27

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Pingfang district is relatively far away from downtown and has large potential for development. It is home to several mega corporations, such as Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group), Harbin Dongan Automotive Engine Manufacturing, and Northeast Light Alloy.

The district enjoys a good environment, with afforestation coverage and public green areas per capita ranking among the highest in the city. The relics left by Unit 731, a Japanese army unit that wreaked havoc on China, were named a patriotism education base by the CPC Publicity Department. It attracts more than 300,000 tourists every year.

Pingfang has also seen a booming cultural industry, led by the animation business. The animation industrial base in the district is home to many medium-sized and small enterprises and has been upgraded as a Heilongjiang new media industrial base and national demonstration base for cultural industry.

There are more than 60 companies that altogether can produce more than 15,000 minutes of animated films annually. Four of them have won the national excellent animated film award.

The district also successfully held the first college students animation works exhibition. Comics Tribe, Heilongjiang’s first animation magazine, was recently published. Hanan New Industrial City will also start construction in Pingfang.

Autumn power grid maintenance concludes in Harbin

The autumn schedule for power grid maintenance in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province concluded on Oct 30.