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10 special industrial bases

Updated : 2013-05-27

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Shuangcheng food base will develop baked and instant foods, milk, dairy products, and fermentation products and is expected to have annual output growth above 25 percent, by 2016.

The Binxi agricultural and other products base will give priority to meat processing, a beef industry chain, and dairy products, with its cattle breeding stock expected to reach 520,000, by 2016.

It will also increase corn and soybean processing, which is expected to have 25-percent annual growth, by 2016. The Shangzhi organic and green food base will focus on milk and dairy products and build a dairy industry zone.

Its dairy cattle are expected to be more than 150,000 and it will get involved in berries, nuts, vegetables, and edible mushrooms and is expected to have 20-percent annual growth in output, by 2016.

The Wuchang and Fangzheng rice base will support major rice companies in brand building and developing downstream products to extend the industrial chain.

It is expected to have a rice processing capacity of 2 million tons, by 2016, with 25-percent annual growth in output. The Bayan pork processing base will introduce more companies and extend the industrial chain and support the development of animal feeds, pig farming, meat processing, transportation and refrigeration for a circular economy. It expects to have a processing capacity of 6 million pigs, with annual growth of 30 percent in output.

The Binxi modern packaging base will focus on packaging products and the printing business and will become the largest base of its kind, by 2016, with annual growth of 30 percent in industrial output.

The Yilan coal chemical base will center on the coal-to-natural gas, coal-to-olefin, and coal-to-alcohol ether business, and is expected to have annual growth of 20 percent in industrial output, by 2016.

The equipment bases at Wuchang and Shuangcheng will use leading companies in the power station, automobile, and new energy fields to develop special machinery for farming, forestry, husbandry and fishing and are expected to have annual growth of 30 percent in industrial output, by 2016.

The Yanshou flax base will focus on flax fiber and linen products and extend its industrial chain and expects to have annual growth of 30 percent in total outpu, by 2016. The Mulan, Tonghe and Fangzheng poultry processing base expects to deal with 200 million birds by 2016, with annual growth of above 30 percent.

Harbin will give its full support to 50 leading companies, including Nestle, Binxi Cattle Industry, and Gongda Aurora Optoelectronics Technology and will rely on them to promote upstream and downstream development and increase the income and employment opportunities of farmers in the following cities and counties.

Autumn power grid maintenance concludes in Harbin

The autumn schedule for power grid maintenance in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province concluded on Oct 30.