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Heilongjiang eyes more co-op with Russia

Updated : 2014-03-09

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

A more comprehensive cooperation between China's Heilongjiang province and Russia was called for by Lu Hao, governor of Heilongjiang on Friday.

The start of the construction of the Tongjiang Bridge in February, which is going to be the first bridge crossing the border at the Heilongjiang River, or Amur River in Russian, has significant meaning to the trade between the province and Russia, said Lu, a deputy to National People's Congress, on a sidelines of the annual session of the congress.

About one-third of China's investment in Russia was contributed by Heilongjiang in 2012, according to Ministry of Commerce. The bridge will largely boost trade between the two sides.

The province should expand its business with Russia beyond the border trade, said Lu. "The border trade is not enough and we should build Harbin (the capital of Heilongjiang) to be an exchange center of science and culture and a trade center," added Lu.

After the catastrophic floods of Heilongjiang in 2013, the province found it necessary to work with the Russian counterpart at the upper reaches of the river.

During the floods, the Russian sides reported to Heilongjiang everyday about the hydrological data of the upper reaches, giving a lot help to the province's fight against the floods, said Zhang En'liang, a deputy to NPC and also mayor of Heihe city along the Heilongjiang River.

"I think the cooperation on the hydrology and water conservancy between Heilongjiang and Russia's border counterparts is required by circumstances," said Lu Hao.

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