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Largest anthocyanin base located in Harbin

Updated : 2016-05-25

By Feng Ziyu ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The anthocyanin base of the Harbin Institute of Technology’s Zhongao biological engineering Co. is under construction in southern Harbin. The base is the largest anthocyanin base in China. It separates and extracts high-end beneficial compounds such as anthocyania and pine polyphenol and other antioxidants from various berries, including blueberries, and from pinus koraiensis pinecones. It will be put into production in August.

The base, of about 35,000 square meters, is located in the southern Harbin food park. It will produce 100 tons of high purity anthocyanin, and 20 tons of pine polyphenol a year, and is expected to create revenue of 230 million yuan.

Anthocyanin is considered an edible cosmetic. It not only prevents the formation of wrinkles, but also supplements nutrients and eliminates harmful free radicals from the body; it has been recognized as the top super antioxidant in the world. Pine polyphenol has anti-radiation and anti-oxidation qualities, and is said to help fight against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The ingredients of pine polyphenol are the same as the best-selling anti-aging health product Pycnogenol.

After recycling the blueberries’ slag and the pine cones through crushing, ultrasonic extraction, separation concentrate, and other technologies extracts of high-quality and high-purity anthocyanin and pine polyphenol are available.

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