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Scientific and Technological Innovation Town

Updated : 2013-05-24

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Scientific and Technological Innovation Town, located in the Songbei district of Harbincapital of China’s northeast Heilongjiang province, is sometimes called the  Intelligence Valley of North China.

It has attracted 160 organizations and 235 projects to the area, and about 12 high-end innovation projects of the Chinese Academy of Science’s ten research institutes will be put into operation.

The town initiated a program on developing cloud computing and invited China’s leading enterprises to draw up a plan for a cloud computing industrial base. It has signed contracts with Centrin Data Systems and Global Data Solutions, which have invested more than five billion yuan ($0.8 billion) in the planned base.

Harbin High-tech Industrial Development Zone is responsible for the planning and construction of the town, which consists of the Science and Technology Innovation Park and Technology Industrial Park.

The former has a planned area of 20 square kilometers, and the latter has 110 sq km.

The Scientific and Technological Innovation Town adheres to the principle of being a technology-based, ecology-friendly and people-oriented organization and features a layout in the shape of a snowflake.

The infrastructure construction for a 9.5-sq km area - the initial area of the town - speeded up in 2010. A total of 14 large research and development projects, which occupy more than 1.6 million sq m and attracted an investment of over 6 billion yuan, have been set up in the town.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the infrastructure and R&D projects of Science and Technological Innovation Town in Harbin city was held in Songbei district on March 22, 2012.

The first group of projects belonged to Harbin Welding Institute of Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Harbin Institute of Electrical Instrument, and Heilongjiang Zhongke Fangde Software Limited.

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