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Harbin issues measures to support back to work by business

Updated : 2020-03-23

By ( e.my399.com )

In response to the needs of companies that are resuming their operations and production, the government of Harbin – in China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province --  is carrying out business incentive policies at the national, provincial and municipal levels to boost the development of local business, according to officials.
Due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus nationwide, some businesses in provincial capital city encountered short-term difficulties such as the suspension of operations, a sharp decline in orders, labor shortages and pressures on cash flow.
To support a speedy return to production of the affected companies, the newly launched policies involve fast track channels for corporate loans, labor costs subsidies -- as well as a reduction of pension insurance, work injury insurance and unemployment insurance fees paid by small and medium-sized enterprises for their employees.
The policies implemented are as follows:
Harbin enterprises involved in the virus fighting materials production, will be given 50-percent discount on interest rates when applying bank loans, and the loan interest rate discount period will not exceed one year.
Enterprises that began production of virus fighting materials during the epidemic period and that employed people out of work for more than half a year, will be given a one-time employment subsidy of 1,000 yuan ($141) per person.
Insured companies that did not lay off employees, will be reimbursed 50 percent of the unemployment insurance premiums they actually paid in the previous year.
For those insured micro and small-sized enterprises that are suffering from temporary production and operational difficulties, while insisting on no layoffs or fewer layoffs, the government will return 50 percent of the six-month social insurance premiums paid by the enterprises and employees in the previous year.
Meanwhile, a total of 14.85 million yuan has been allocated to 448 micro and small-sized enterprises for job stabilization.
To provide convenience for residents’ travel and commuting, the Harbin municipal finance bureau has pre-allocated 40 million yuan in subsidies for the operation of Harbin Transportation Group Co for three months in advance.
In order to compensate for the expenses incurred by the districts or counties in Harbin to transport migrant workers to resume work, the government will provide subsidies at the standard rate of 100 yuan per person for workers working in Heilongjiang province and 200 yuan per person for those working outside the province.
From February to April, medical insurance premiums paid by enterprises for employees will be halved to relieve pressure on corporate capital.
From February to June, there will be exemptions from the payment of endowment insurance, work injury insurance and unemployment insurance paid by micro and small-sized enterprises for their employees.

Harbin issues face masks to protect taxi drivers

To provide safe operating conditions for taxi drivers and to create a safe riding environment for passengers, Harbin city is allocating 13,000 face masks to the drivers.