Urban servers captured in lens

Updated : 2018-08-06

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Recently, sweltering heat has ushered in the new month in Harbin after long rainy days. Pictures depicting people working in the sun to create a better working and living environment in Harbin were captured to pay tribute to their services for the city.


Sanitation workers captured moping floors on a sidewalk. [Photo/people.cn]


An elderly man waters trees in roadside green belts. [Photo/people.cn]


A postman delivers packages for customers. [Photo/people.cn]


A construction workers works in the sun. [Photo/people.cn]


A traffic policeman directs the traffic in the middle of a road. [Photo/people.cn]





Volunteers provide first aid training in Nangang

Harbin Red Cross organized a medical and health volunteer team to provide free medical services for residents in Nangang district.