Harbin airport helps children fly alone

Updated : 2019-03-01

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin Taiping International Airport recently had a record number of children using a special service to assist unaccompanied minors traveling to and from the airport.

The service is targeted at children aged between 5 and 12 years old, and is expected to particularly benefit the children of migrant workers working in big cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Sanya.

With the ending of winter holidays and the Chinese Spring Festival, many children will go back to big cities or hometowns by themselves to continue studying while their parents start working and are unable to accompany the children on the journey.

To prioritize the safety of children, Harbin airport has opened a special green channel for unaccompanied minors. Staff members will provide one-on-one services for children who are arriving in or departing from Harbin, with the children being sent through immigration, customs and security.

Parents or guardians of children must provide their ID card information, children’s identity certificates, and contact information of the person picking the child up when applying for the service.

During the trip, parents can track their child’s journey through an airport by scanning the QR code provided by flight attendants.

At present, Harbin airport handles around 70 children per day.


A staff member of Harbin Taiping International Airport helps an unaccompanied child handle check-in procedures on Feb 24. [Photo/Chinanews.com]


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