Stricter virus measures on public transport

Updated : 2020-04-22

By ( e.my399.com )

Passengers wait in line at an interval of around 1.5 meters at Harbin Railway Station, before ticket checks. [Photo/Harbin Daily]

To reduce the risk of COVID-2019 transmission and cross infection that may result from passengers gathering, Harbin’s public transport system is taking strict virus prevention and control measures to safeguard travelers, local officials announced.

All passengers are now being required to declare their health conditions by scanning the Longjiang health code and must receive body temperature checks before entering railway stations, metros and airports.

Passengers are also required to keep a separation distance of more than one meter when receiving security and ticket checks.

Special personnel are also being organized to guide passenger flows, in case people gather at public transport entrances and exits.

In response to the virus prevention and control calls, the Harbin Metro Group has also launched six online ticket purchase channels.

These are expected to dramatically decrease passenger gathering at ticket machines and unnecessary contact with public transport service machines and equipment.

Passengers are also advised to sit at intervals in metros.