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Wuchang craftspeople display traditional skills

Updated : 2018-09-04

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )



Clay figurines on display at a folk art exhibition held in Wuchang city on Aug 29. The exhibition is part of the first Wuchang Rice Festival, which aims to promote Wuchang’s traditions such as making clay figurines, root carving, wood carving, walnut carving, painting pottery, paper cutting, wheat straw painting, reed painting, and making weapons such as knives and arrows, through a total of 800 exhibits. [Photo/people.cn]


A craftsman carves images on various drinking vessels in a booth at the Wuchang folk art exhibition. [Photo/people.cn]


A variety of unique wood carvings on display at Wuchang’s folk art exhibition. [Photo/people.cn]


Wood carvings on display at Wuchang’s folk art exhibition. [Photo/people.cn]





Harbin to launch flights connected to North America

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