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Venison Food Festival held in Harbin Shangri-la Hotel

Updated : 2019-05-14

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin Shangri-la Hotel is honored to invite New Zealand guest chef Mr Daniel to present the venison food festival to the citizens of our ice city in the coffee garden from May 5 to 16.

Venison is a kind of healthy red meat with low fat, cholesterol and protein. There is a big difference between New Zealand venison and Chinese venison. Chinese venison is mainly used for medicine, while New Zealand venison is mainly used for food. The deer meat breeding industry in New Zealand is the largest and most advanced in the world. They have established the world's first wild grazing farm. The fawn grows in the natural environment from birth, which keeps the deer healthy and natural vitality and makes the venison taste good, and with more lean meat and less fat meat.

This venison food festival’s chefs take selection of New Zealand south island deer farm venison, but also the original flavor of the embodiment of incisively and vividly, coupled with New Zealand's professional chefs, which is pretty delicious. Harbin Shangri-la hotel is also the only hotel in Harbin to use this high-grade venison for cooking, presenting a feast for ice city residents.

Guests will be served a selection of Thai, Indian and red wine dishes featuring venison tendons, venison burgers, stewed venison chops and dishes with venison neck in broth and cream.


Fresh venison imported from New Zealand served at Harbin Shangri-la Hotel. [Photo provided to China Daily]

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