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Laorenyi Restaurant

Updated : 2014-12-20

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Laorenyi is a century-old Muslin restaurant in Harbin. Its time-honored steamed beef dumplings are very popular among the customers. In its business area of 230 square meters, a total of over 50 kilograms dumplings are produced every day, however, which still falls short to the demand.

Tong Yuxin, a man of Hui ethnic group, founded Laorenyi in 1912. Laorenyi’s current owner Zhang Mantang has worked as an employee of the restaurant for over 30 years, he took in charge of the restaurant from 2003. Now the Laorenyi is springing to life by passing on fine traditions. Its traditional dishes like steamed beef dupmplings, fried beef tripe and flavored mutton chops are still its main specialties.

There are more than 130 dishes of eight categories in Laorenyi.


Location:No 168, Huanghe road, Nangang district

Business hour:10 am- 9 pm

Consumption per personRMB 40 ($ 6.4)

Telephone number:0086 451 82320600

Parking lot: available


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