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Helpful phone numbers

Updated : 2014-12-18

By ( en.wtcf.travel )

Inquiry of labor security 12333

Service hotline of Agriculture Bank of China 95599

Complaint hotline of product quality 12365

Service hotline of Construction Bank of China 95533

Service hotline of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 95528

Service hotline of urban construction 12319

Inquiry of airlines 96990

Police 110

Supervision on food and drugs 962727

Service hotline of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 95588

Industrial Bank 95561

Postal services 11185

China Merchants Bank 95555


Harbin mourns dead firefighters from warehouse blaze

People in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, paid tribute to five firefighters killed while trying to put out a warehouse blaze in the city on Jan 2.