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Harbin performs stricter inspections of inbound people

Updated : 2020-02-14

By ( e.my399.com )

The city of Harbin in northernmost Heilongjiang province is from Feb 13 to perform stricter inspections of incoming people -- carrying out itinerary reporting measures to prevent and control the spread of novel coronavirus, according local officials.
They were giving details of the measures at a news conference held by the Harbin Municipal Government on Feb 12.
It is estimated that around 1 million people will head to Harbin in the near future, as local enterprises resume to production and universities start new semesters in succession. Officials said that movement of people will pose a severe challenge to controlling the virus in Harbin.
Harbin officials said the measures are targeted at all  local and overseas people outside Harbin who have  plans to head to the city via air, railways and road.
They also apply to people who need to transfer in Harbin.
Each person must report his or her basic information and previous itinerary to the Harbin industry and information bureau before entering Harbin city.
The information is required to be submitted in electronic version through the WeChat official account admin platform of the Harbin industry and information bureau (哈尔滨疫情防控).
Foreigners, children and elderly people who don’t have WeChat accounts and Chinese phone numbers, can submit their information in paper -- under the guidance of inspectors at check points set up at the exits of airports, railway stations, bus stations and expressways.
Individual information before entering Harbin should be completed as follows:
First, search and enter the WeChat official account admin platform of Harbin industry and information bureau “哈尔滨疫情防控” .
Second, enter the itinerary reporting page by clicking the “入哈填报” column at the bottom of the WeChat platform.
Third, fill in and submit all the required information required based on the notifications on the page.
Fourth, feedback messages from Harbin industry and information bureau will be sent to the applicant’s phone when information is successfully submitted.
Fifth, show the feedback message from the Harbin industry and information bureau to inspectors at the check points when entering Harbin.