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Harbin locks down six districts due to COVID

Updated : 2022-04-21

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin, Heilongjiang province implemented "static management" in its main urban areas, according to a statement released by the city's epidemic control and prevention headquarters on Wednesday.
Starting at noon on Wednesday, residents are urged not to enter or leave six districts — Daoli, Daowai, Nangang, Xaingfang, Pingfang and Songbei — which will be locked down until next Tuesday, the statement said.
The city has suspended subways and reduced bus services.
According to the traffic restriction measures promoted by the city's public security traffic management bureau, vehicles are allowed five days a week based on license plate number, except for those engaged in transporting goods or involved in epidemic prevention and control, medical aid or emergency rescue.
Vehicles with plates ending in certain numerals can operate as follows: 1 or 6 (Thursday), 2 or 7 (Friday), 3 or 8 (Saturday), 4 or 9 (Sunday) and 5 or 0 (Monday). Other days are normal. 
Heilongjiang reported 45 new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases and 28 asymptomatic carriers on Tuesday, all of which were detected in Harbin, the provincial Health Commission said on Wednesday.