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Enjoy Northeast China cuisine with Shangri-La hotels

Updated : 2018-11-07

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )


Dishes created by Wang Yanming

Old Dongbei steamed pork

Streaky pork, pork intestine, pork stomach, pig's blood and pickled Chinese sauerkraut are mixed together and slowly stewed in a cauldron. The sauerkraut absorbs pork fat into the dish giving it a very special flavor.

Grandma braised black pork

The dish uses black fluffy pigs grown in the south of Xiaoxing'anling region, which is renowned as an "Oxygen Bar". The pork is rich in fleshy collagen. It is stewed in a cauldron slowly using the traditional cooking method of rural families in Northeast China. The meat is fatty but not greasy, and melts easily in the mouth.


Dishes created by Dai Yinshuang

Braised red dates and venison

The venison and red dates are braised together for two hours. The two flavors meet and merge, giving it a tender and refreshing taste.

Yellow mushrooms and potato chips

The dish uses wild white mushrooms from Changbai Mountain, which are rich in nutrients and pure in taste. It is delicious and nourishing. The yellow mushrooms are soaked with water and the potatoes are sliced. After the ingredients are stewed together, the dish smells fragrant but not greasy.


Dishes created by Liu Jiguang

Tomato cooked coriander meatballs

Using the finest sweet potato and fresh tomatoes, hand-flapped black pork meatballs are cooked slowly. The dish uses the traditional cooking methods for Liaoning cuisine and is carefully and meticulously crafted.

Trio light shadow beef crispy

The dish selects the best local cuts of beef and infuses it with two different flavors. It retains traditional cooking skills and caters to the taste buds of modern diners.

Autumn power grid maintenance concludes in Harbin

The autumn schedule for power grid maintenance in Harbin, Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province concluded on Oct 30.