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Enjoy Northeast China cuisine with Shangri-La hotels

Updated : 2018-11-07

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )


Dishes created by Tian Zhongcheng

Laobian dumplings

Laobian dumplings is a famous restaurant brand in Shenyang, with a history of more than 180 years. The custom-made Laobian dumplings in Hotel Jen by Shangri-La are created using the finest-quality ingredients and cooking methods.

Bacon pie

The bacon pie is made from fat and thin cuts of fresh pork. The broth and seasoning are added to the flour to form a soft dough, and then baked into a pie. The bacon is fatty but not greasy, and the pie is yellow and fragrant –– crispy outside and soft inside.

Clams in stone pot

Clams are delicious and have a reputation for being“the tastiest food in the world”. The dish can be cooked with different wines according to guests' tastes. Wines mix with the fresh raw juice of clams, giving diners an unforgettable taste.

Shredded radish and oysters baozi 

Dalian Bay oysters are high in fat, but the green radish contains less calories. After blending the two into a steamed filling, the thin skin wraps the "fresh" oysters, which are full of delicious flavor.

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