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Harbin clears out illegal parking

Updated : 2019-04-03

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin, capital of northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province, recently cracked down on illegal parking -- tracking down individuals who privately occupy public parking bays in the urban areas of the city, in order to improve the parking environment and release parking pressure.

Car blocks, reflective cones, cement pillars, ground locks, privately-installed lifting rods and electronic number plate identification equipment are the common facilities used for illicitly occupying parking bays, according to a Harbin traffic policeman.

In a crackdown undertaken on March 31, some 400 illegal parking obstacles were removed to clear the way for drivers.

Officials said additional facilities will be dismantled and cleared in the future.


Illegal parking obstacles are gathered, ready to be cleared away by Harbin traffic policemen, on a road side on March 31. [Photo/people.cn]


Illicit parking obstacles are seen by a road side in Harbin on March 31. [Photo/people.cn]


Another example of illegal parking obstacles that have been installed in the city. [Photo/people.cn]




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