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Harbin metro extension line kicks off operations

Updated : 2019-04-11

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The third phase of Harbin metro line 1 was scheduled to go into use at 10:30 hrs on April 10, according to information released by Harbin Harbin Metro Group.

The extension to line 1, extending 8.8 kilometers, connects Pingfang district with the downtown area of the city.

Construction of the extension started on Sept 26, 2014 and was completed in September 2018, one year earlier than the scheduled five-year construction period.

There are a total of five stations along the extension, which terminates at Xinjiang Street Station at one end, and Tongjiang Road Station on the other.

It takes only 50 minutes to travel between Harbin East Railway Station and Xinjiang Street Station, saving around one hour compared with using the bus.

Officials said, however, that Wapenyao Station was not opened on April 10 as its surrounding support facilities had not yet been completed.

Ticket prices for the extension line will be the same as other existing lines, at 3 yuan ($0.45) for a journey of 1-12 stations, 4 yuan for 13-17 stations and 5 yuan for 18-22 stations.


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