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Harbin launches three river sightseeing routes

Updated : 2019-07-10

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin recently launched three river sightseeing routes to satisfy the increasing demands of tourists during the summer holiday.

The routes cover the landmarks along the banks of Harbin downtown section of Songhua River, featuring wetland landscapes, historical and cultural sites such as Flood Control Memorial Tower Square, Binzhou Railway Bridge and Harbin Grand Theater.

A total of eight tourist ships will serve as the sightseeing routes, including two ships with 200 seats and one luxury boat.

In addition to river sightseeing, tourists will have access to free performances such as music instrument performances and Russian style dancing on the boats.

The three routes are the Jiuzhan—Flood Control Memorial Tower Square—Binzhou Railway Bridge—Dadingzi Mountain route, the Jiuzhan—Binzhou Railway Bridge—Flood Control Memorial Tower Square—Tielu Jiangshan Club—Harbin Waitan Wetland route, and the Jiuzhan-Taiyang Bridge—Sun Island—Harbin Grand Theater route.

Tickets of the three routes can all be purchased at the Jiuzhan ferry ticket office.


Green corridors on Sun Island ready for use

Harbin’s locals will soon have access to more glorious walking and riding routes along Sun Island and the banks of the Songhua River -- as the first phase of the Harbin green corridor system project undergoes construction.