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Harbin Summer Music Concert

Updated : 2013-06-09

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The China Harbin Summer Music Concert will be held in August in Harbin , capital city of Heilongjiang province, every two years.

Founded in 1961, China Harbin Summer Music Concert is one of China’s oldest concert festivals, and the event has evolved into one of the three biggest national music celebrations.

This festival will include the National Vocal Competition, an International Accordion Art Week, a parade, and a series of concerts by musicians from home and abroad.
Considered the fashion capital of China in the 1920s, Harbin was the country’s first city to have access to European classical music. The clash of  Western and oriental music genres has led many local residents to develop a fondness for music. Harbin was named a UNESCO City of Music in 2010.

The China Harbin Summer Music Concert is sponsored and presented by the Ministry of Culture and the government of Harbin.