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  • Songbei unveils online government services


    In an effort to meet the goal of being a national civilized city, Harbin’s Songbei district is offering more of its services over the internet.

  • Songbei community gets improved services


    Mediterranean sunshine community in Harbin’s Songbei district has recently partnered with a property management company to provide better services for residents.

  • Documentary filmmaker shines a light on Africa


    A five-episode documentary series entitled Bubu in Africa, which was made by a Chinese woman and aired recently on a TV station in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, has revealed the everyday lives of many ordinary Chinese people on the world's second-larges

  • China Railway to build Russia link


    China Railway Group Ltd, an infrastructure construction company, will build a high-speed railway in Russia connecting the country's third-largest city Yekaterinburg with Chelyabinsk, as the Chinese company's overseas business keeps expanding.

  • China-Russia Expo reaps 30b yuan in foreign trade


    As China is adding investment to revive the "rust belt" in its northeastern provinces, Russia is also looking to boost the economy in its Far East, which brings tremendous opportunities for the two geographically adjacent regions, experts and government

  • China, Russia expand common ground for regional development


    Andrey Ostrovsky, deputy director of Institute of Far Eastern Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, said the Russian Far East covers 36 percent of the country's territory, but has less than 5 percent of its population. It is rich in natural resourc

  • Harbin lizard exhibition showcases local pets


    Known as the first person to raise lizards in the icy city of Harbin, 34-year-old Qu Lei has raised more than 400 lizards of 20 varieties at his home in the Songbei district for over 15 years.

  • Famous Indian chef comes to Shangri-La Hotel


    Harbin's Songbei Shangri-La Hotel and Shenyang Shangri-La Hotel have invited Indian chef Mukesh Panwar to cook Indian food for all guests visiting the hotel from June 16 to June 30.

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Xiangfang leads the way in smart government

Harbin’s Xiangfang district is bringing city administration into the digital age, establishing the first WeChat city administration monitoring platform in Heilongjiang province.