• Luxury sightseeing train to open in summer

    The 13th (2016) Chinese and foreign summer tourism reputation list was released in Hong Kong on May 6th. Harbin ranked No. 19 on the list.On May 31st, the Harbin railway bureau will open a luxury sightseeing train line named ‘Longjiang Star&

  • NE China airport ranks high in punctuality

    China’s air travel information service, VariFlight, and Civil Aviation Data Analysis have reported that for last month, the city of Harbin’s Taiping International Airport is in second place in its departure punctuality of all the mainl


First Manchu Molezhen convention held in Harbin

The first Manchu Molezheconvention was held on May 21st in Harbin Manchu Style Park. About 160 Fuchashi clansmen from Beijing, Liaoning province and Jilin province attended the convention.The Molezhen Convention.[Photo/my399.com]

NE China importing seafood from Norway directly

When the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province got 1,250 kilograms of frozen salmon from Norway, on Feb 23, it was the first time for the Kuitong Trading Co to import Norwegian salmon.

Harbin specifies punishments for paycheck delays

Harbin specifies punishments for paycheck delays, in response to reports that migrant workers are often the victims of delayed payment of wages.

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