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Harbin Wuhua Mountain Autumn Tour Festival

Updated : 2013-06-09

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

The Harbin Wuhua Mountain Autumn Tour Festival and Jinlong Mountain Red Leaf Festival will be held at the Jinlong Mountain National Forest Park, and will focus on a return-to-nature theme.

The local government has promoted 16 mountainous scenic spots and forest parks in its plans for the development of its tourism industry, including: Jinlong Mountain, Mao’er Mountain, Phoenix Mountian, Huazi Mountain, Songfeng Mountain, Diaoshui Lake, Erlong Mountain, Longevity Mountain and Xianglu Mountain forest parks.

The city has also distributed more than 10,000 discount cards to boost tourism, involving more than 30 scenic spots in mountainous, wetland and urban areas. In addition, the city has held a hiking event to  promote a healthy lifestyle.