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Harbin announces next five-year development goal

Updated : 2022-03-01

By ( e.my399.com )

In the next five years, Harbin is projected to develop itself into a hub of innovation and development, advanced manufacturing, modern agriculture, opening-up to the north, creative design, and ice and snow culture, as well as improve quality of life for its residents.
The plans were announced at the Fifteenth CPC Harbin Municipal Congress, which kicked off at Harbin's Global Theater on Feb 27.
In doing so, Harbin will accelerate scientific and technological innovation, improve a variety of systems and mechanisms, cultivate a group of distinctive creative design enterprises, and promote deeper integration of the modern service industry with advanced manufacturing and modern agriculture.
The city also plans to promote the professional and high-end transformation of modern finance and logistics and support the development of new business forms such as exhibition economy, headquarters economy, platform economy, and nighttime economy.
The city is projected to develop a number of strategic emerging industries such as 5G infrastructure, artificial intelligence and industrial internet, and develop advantageous industries such as high-end equipment manufacturing and green food processing.
Additionally, the city plans to make the most of geographical advantages to become a central city for cooperation with Russia, as well as a city featuring ice and snow culture.

Harbin ramps up childcare services

A new comprehensive service center for childcare in Harbin is expected to be finished by the end of the year.