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Talent policies drive enterprise development in Harbin

Updated : 2024-04-12

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People seek job opportunities at a fair held in Harbin. [Photo/Ice City Plus]
Harbin's "30 New Talent Policies" represents an iterative upgrade to the talent policy system, helping attract and retain talent in the city to bolster economic and social development.
According to the policies, the city has allocated 700 million yuan in support funds, integrating talent policies into 26 industrial plans and 22 sectors, including the digital, biological, ice and snow, and creative industries.
Since the implementation of these policies, the number of high-tech enterprises in the city has reached 2,832, marking a 23 percent increase from 2022, and Harbin has secured the 53rd spot among the Global Top 100 Science and Technology Clusters, the most among the four sub-provincial cities in Northeast China.
Harbin Xingguan Optic Electronics Technology Co, where Jia Qiang, a returned employee from Shanghai, is among the first batch of technologically-advanced small and medium-sized enterprises in Harbin.
This technological innovation firm, with only 300 employees, holds a leading position in the domestic optoelectronic integration field, capturing 80 percent of the market share.
Engaged in scientific research, Jia's work in Harbin differs significantly from the work he did in Shanghai.
"Working for a big factory company in Shanghai felt overwhelming. I was constantly on edge. Although working in Harbin is also intense, the pressure is balanced with a more relaxed lifestyle," Jia remarked.
Despite the fact that his current salary is not as high as it was in Shanghai, Jia has already purchased a house in Harbin.
"I consider myself very fortunate. When I settled in Harbin, I benefited from the city's talent introduction policy, receiving a monthly living allowance of 2,000 yuan and a one-time settlement subsidy of 30,000 yuan, making the transition process much easier," Jia shared.
Under the "30 New Talent Policies," full-time graduate students who have been recruited by companies in Harbin within five years of graduation are entitled to a 30,000 yuan settlement fee and a continuous living allowance of 2,000 yuan per month for three years.
The new policy not only benefits high-level talents such as master's and doctoral graduates, but also provides a continuous living allowance of 1,500 yuan per month for three years to undergraduate, junior college, and senior technical school graduates.
This regulation aims to enhance the sense of belonging among university graduates in Harbin.
The "30 New Talent Policies" have not only injected new vitality into the city's talent pool, but have also invigorated local enterprises, creating a win-win situation for both talents and businesses in Harbin.


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