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Harbin makes significant progress in digital economy development

Updated : 2023-07-18

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin's digital economy has made significant progress this year.
From January to May, the city built 3,420 new 5G base stations, bringing the total number of 5G base stations to 24,000, achieving full coverage of 5G networks in the urban area and providing 4G network coverage in remote areas.
The Internet of Things (loT) coverage rate in the urban area has reached 99.17 percent, and all key development areas in rural towns have been covered, with over 2.5 million IoT cards connected.
Harbin added 18 new digitalized workshops and three intelligent factories during the same period. A total of 9,680 small and medium-sized enterprises in the city used cloud services.
The revenue of the electronic information manufacturing industry reached 2.6 billion yuan ($370.90 million) in the first half of the year, and the revenue of the software and information technology services industry reached 2.4 billion yuan.
There are 300 digital economy projects and application scenarios in the city, with a total investment of 68.8 billion yuan. Among them, eight major vital projects have been gradually implemented and produced.
Also, the city has had sufficient data resources. The second phase of China Mobile's Harbin Data Center has been put into use, adding 16,600 standard racks; the first phase of China Unicom's Harbin Data Center is now in operation, adding 1,820 cabinets.
In addition, the city has coordinated efforts to promote digitalization and industrialization in various sectors.
The city has installed a total of 20,486 intelligent terminal monitoring devices, monitoring a cultivation area of 1.67 million mu through the provincial agricultural machinery command platform.
The construction of the Harbin Central Avenue Smart Block project has been completed. It is in trial operation, providing a one-stop smart management service, indoor and outdoor VR360-degree panoramic navigation, and personalized services for tourists.