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Harbin launches measures to support growth of specialty products

Updated : 2023-08-29

By ( e.my399.com )

Harbin, the capital of China's northernmost Heilongjiang province, recently introduced a series of measures to support the expansion of local specialty products in the domestic market.

These include the provision of subsidies and rewards to enterprises to enhance their brand image, the organizing of promotional activities, the broadening of sales channels, and the further empowerment of e-commerce.

There are four specific areas outlined in the list of measures, as follows:

Firstly, support will be given to enhance the brand image of local specialty products and promote the creation of Harbin-themed souvenirs.

Secondly, enterprises will be supported in organizing promotional activities, participating in well-known exhibitions, and hosting local specialty product exhibitions.

Thirdly, efforts will be made to develop sales channels, including the establishment of local specialty product exhibitions and sales centers. Support will also be provided for the opening of independent brand flagship stores, specialty stores, and experience-based stores. Meanwhile, efforts will be made to expand the presence of Harbin's food and beverage enterprises in the domestic market.

Lastly, e-commerce operations will be boosted to help expand the domestic market by supporting the online sales of Harbin's local specialty products, empowering certification service providers on e-commerce platforms to support Harbin's local specialty product enterprises, and providing city-based warehousing services.

The goal is to build an industrial cluster of local specialty products by 2025 that is optimized in structure, well laid out, offers a range of advantages, and boasts distinctive characteristics.
It also aims to establish a well-functioning distribution system for local specialty products both within and outside the province.

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