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Harbin Area of China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Updated : 2020-03-04

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The Harbin Area of the China (Heilongjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, as one of the three areas comprising the Heilongjiang Free Trade Zone, was approved by the State Council – China’s Cabinet – on Aug 26, 2019.
It aims to become a highland for wide-ranging commerce between Russia and Northeast Asia, a national logistics hub connecting domestic and Eurasian regions and a growth springboard and demonstration zone for the full-scale revitalization of the northeast region.
The Harbin FTZ is located in the Harbin New Zone in Harbin, capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province. It has a planned area of 79.86 square kilometers.
Planning industries
The Harbin area focuses on the development of such strategic emerging industries as new generation information technology, new materials, high-end equipment and biomedicines – as well as modern service industries including science and technology, finance, cultural tourism and the winter economy.
Major tasks
It attaches great importance to the six major tasks of accelerating the transformation of government functions, deepening reforms in investment, promoting the transformation and upgrading of trade, deepening openness and innovation in the financial sector, creating a new momentum for the revitalization and development of the Northeast China region -- and building an open and cooperative highland with the focus on Russia and Northeast Asia.

Good location
The Harbin Free Trade Zone is located at the forefront of the Harbin-Changchun megalopolis and is an important node connecting the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor and the Asia-Europe International Cargo Transport Corridor.
Harbin is also an aviation hub connecting Europe, Asia and North America. It is within a two-hour air transportation circle of the Russian Far East region, Mongolia, Japan and South Korea. Its shipping can connect with Russian Far East ports and international land-sea linkage corridors.
Solid industrial foundation
Harbin New Zone is the largest modern industrial cluster in Heilongjiang province. It has three national-level development zones and has initially developed the three competitive industries of equipment manufacturing, food processing and medicine development and production. It has also developed three strategic emerging areas in new materials, new-generation information technology, and energy conservation and environmental protection -- as well as modern service industries such as finance, technology services and tourism.
Strong technological strength

Harbin New Zone is an important technology innovation center and research results commercialization base in the Northeast China region. More than 100 national and provincial research and development institutions are located there and its State-recognized high-tech enterprises account for nearly half the total in Heilongjiang province.

Rich culture and tourism resources

Harbin New Zone has the Sun Island Scenic Area, three large-scale cultural tourism facilities, four internationally renowned cultural tourism brands and four ecological scenic spots. It is an excellent choice for investing in the cultural tourism industry and in the developing leisure, entertainment and fitness sectors.
Commerce with Russia begins to bear fruit
Harbin New Zone has built six cooperation platforms with Russia and has been involved in commerce with Russia in the fields of the economy, trade, finance, culture, science and technology, tourism, humanities and education.
Businesses in the zone continue to expand their business with Russia. Every year, more than 300 college teachers and students in the new zone go to Russia for exchanges and studies and nearly 200 Russian experts currently work in the new zone.
In terms of financial cooperation, the country's first Sino-Russian cross-border financial services center was established, with the help of Harbin Bank.
A Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce online payment platform was also established, accessing a variety of Russian mainstream cross-border payment methods -- and providing a full range of services for Russian companies to conduct settlement business.
Development situation continues to improve
Since its approval, Harbin New Zone has shown a solid trend in accelerating its speed of development, optimizing its industrial structure and improving the quality and efficiency of its development.
In 2018, the zone’s GDP hit 76.84 billion yuan, an increase of 8 percent year-on-year, while the added value of its industry increased by 9 percent.
That year, the zone’s general public budget revenue increased by 21.4 percent, the actual use of domestic capital was 60.13 billion yuan and the actual use of foreign capital was $2.28 billion, accounting for 62.5 percent of the total in Harbin.

Harbin ramps up childcare services

A new comprehensive service center for childcare in Harbin is expected to be finished by the end of the year.