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Harbin begins construction on new intelligent computing center 

Updated : 2024-04-11

By ( e.my399.com )

Construction on the Jing'an Huili Northeast Asia Intelligent Computing Center has recently begun in Harbin New Area of Harbin, capital city of Northeast China's Heilongjiang province.
The center will be constructed and operated by Jing'an Huili (Heilongjiang) Digital Industry Operation Management Co, which specializes in the construction and operation of AI computing centers.
Located on Zhigu Avenue in Harbin New Area, the center has a total investment of 875 million yuan ($119.86 million) and is designed to cover an area of 22,000 square meters.
The project includes the construction of computing power center machine rooms, research and development buildings, as well as other facilities.
"The first phase of the project, the 12,000-sq-m computing power center machine room, is expected to be completed and put into use this year. It will have a computing power scale of 1000 Pflops, surpassing the total AI computing power of the three northeastern provinces," said Qiu Zhaoqiang, president of Jing'an Huili.
Qiu introduced that the center will be fully fitted with leading AI technology from Tsinghua University.
Once fully operational, the center will provide AI computing power, algorithm tools, large models, intelligent platforms, and multi-type, multi-industry AI application services for the entire country and the Northeast Asia region.
Additionally, the center will accelerate the construction of new quality productive forces in Heilongjiang, effectively implementing the "empowerment of AI+" industrial upgrading concept, and creating a digitally competitive industrial cluster with international influence.

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