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Ghana receives Harbin-made helicopters for gas, oil facilities patrol

Updated : 2015-10-09

By ( Xinhua )

Four brand new Chinese-made Z-9 EH helicopters were delivered to the Ghana Air Force late Wednesday, to enhance patrol of the country's gas and oil facilities.

The helicopters will be used mainly to patrol the onshore and offshore gas pipeline owned by the Ghana National Gas Company Limited, oil installations and the coast.

The Z-9 helicopter is manufactured by the Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation, based on the French Eurocopter Dauphin.

At the commissioning ceremony for the helicopters at the Air Force base, President John Dramani Mahama expressed his thanks to the Chinese government for financing the 100 million U.S. dollar procurement.

"Let me take this opportunity to thank the Chinese government for the financial support through the China Development Bank loan facility for the purchase of the aircraft and we look forward to a further deepening of our relations," Mahama said.

The procurement also includes the spare parts and facilities for the aircraft and their maintenance, as well as personnel training.

China had exported more than 60 Z-9 helicopters to several countries across the world, and the four Ghana bought were of "the most sophisticated model", China's ambassador to Ghana, Sun Baohong revealed at the ceremony.

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