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Foreign reporters visit Heilongjiang

Updated : 2017-09-04

By Yang Min ( chinadaily.com.cn )

A group of reporters from Asia and Europe embarked on a four-day fact-finding tour of Heilongjiang province on Sept 2, exploring how the province in Northeast China is taking advantage of its rich resources, location and China’s preferential policies for the rejuvenation of the old Northeast China industrial base.

Reporters from 10 countries, including Pakistan, Russia, the UK, Italy and France, joined Chinese journalists for the tour titled “Overseas Reporters’ Discover Heilongjiang Trip”.

Heilongjiang’s capital Harbin is the most important stop on the trip.

From Sept 2 to 5, the group will visit key businesses and industrial parks such as Harbin Innovation Financing Industry Park and HIT Robot Group (HRG) to learn about industrial development in the province, with a focus on the equipment manufacturing sector.

As well as leading enterprises, the reporters will also visit some scenic spots and cultural relics in the city, such as Harbin Theater, Central Street and Harbin Beer Museum, to get to know the local culture and customs of the city.

The activity is expected to give overseas reporters a chance to obtain an in-depth understanding of Heilongjiang and help the province promote itself overseas.