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Harbin launches online car rental platform for tourists

Updated : 2018-11-09

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

An intelligent service platform providing rental transportation to tourists officially commenced operations on Nov 2 in Harbin, capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

The platform was established by Harbin Transport Bureau and Harbin Tourism Development Committee, in a bid to improve Harbin’s tourism service quality and crack down on illegally operating tourist vehicles.

Travel agencies and tourists who need car rental services can upload information to an app called “Youba Dingcheduan”, namely “游巴订车端” in Chinese.

Service companies on the platform will offer services and negotiate prices based on the customer’s travel plan, the number of passengers, and the chosen car type.

All of the service companies on the platform have passed official inspections and a security check.

Additionally, the platform uses a GPS monitoring system to provide travel route tracking and collect information for the transport supervision and service systems.

Feedback and complaints about the service can also be submitted through the evaluation and complaint system, which will help improve the service the companies provide.

Currently, a total of 1,784 tourists cars and 54 passenger transport companies are registered on the platform.


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