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Harbin, city in Austria discuss forging greater ties

Updated : 2020-09-15

By ( e.my399.com )

An international video conference was held on Sept 9 to further extend relations established between the city of Harbin – capital city of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province – and the city of Wiener Neustadt in Austria, according to a report from Harbin Daily.

The two metropolises first established friendly sister relations back in 2008.

During the talks, Harbin mayor Sun Zhe said that during the dozen years of friendly exchanges between the two, both sides had benefitted profoundly.

Sun urged Harbin and Wiener Neustadt to establish a regular video meeting mechanism, to lay the foundation for further cooperation in various fields.

He said the cities should make full use of international transportation channels – such as Harbin-Europe freight trains and online cross-border e-commerce platforms – to expand commerce and trade.

Sun also proposed promoting academic exchanges through online seminars, winter and summer camps, as well as student exchange programs.

Meanwhile, the cities should share their novel coronavirus-fighting knowledge and experience, as well as improve the construction of joint medical and health systems – and strengthen cooperation in culture, tourism and technology, Sun added.

The mayor of Wiener Neustadt responded by echoing the proposals.

He expressed his hope that the two cities could carry out practical cooperation in education, food, traditional Chinese medicine, tourism and other fields -- to promote the mutual progress and prosperity of both.


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