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Physical education fund established in Heilongjiang

Updated : 2020-09-22

By ( e.my399.com )

Samaranch Foundation recently set up a special fund focusing on physical education in China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province.

The special fund was initiated by Zhang Hong, a current member of the International Olympic Committee, an Olympic champion and director of the Samaranch Foundation.

It aims to promote the Olympic culture, carry forward its spirit and deepen the influence of the Olympic movement among the youth in Heilongjiang province.

"Heilongjiang served as the host of many important sports events in the history of China winter sports and is the cradle of China’s Olympic champions. It can be said that Heilongjiang province has made a very important contribution to the current International Olympic Committee." said by Juan Antonio Samaranch Jr, chairman of the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics, at a congratulations video sent to celebrate the establishment of the special fund.

According to Chen Zhe, director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Sports Bureau, Heilongjiang is a strong province in China's ice and snow sports. Of all the 13 gold medals China won at the Winter Olympics, nine were won by Heilongjiang athletes.

Officials said that the newly-established special fund will be used to hold such activities as Olympic cultural exhibitions, international sports education exchanges, public ice and snow competitions.

The Samaranch Foundation is a non-public fundraising foundation initiated by the Samaranch family and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.

The foundation aims to inherit the spirit of Juan Antonio Samaranch, former chairman of International Olympic Committee, to continue his profound friendship with China and to promote international sports and cultural exchanges.

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