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Environmental improvement of Harbin gets recognition from residents

Updated : 2014-12-18

By Pan Qi ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Residents in Harbin, capital of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, showed great satisfaction to the city’s environment with the average score reaching 91.8 percent in satisfaction surveys in the first three quarters, up 4.8 percent from last year’s data, according to the National Bureau of Statistics Survey Office in Harbin.

"The great changes of my hometown really impressed me a lot. The city used to be a mess with traffic chaos and dirty streets. But during my visit this year, I found it is a city in good order with clean streets," said Xu Mingjun, a Harbin Canadian, who spoke highly of environmental improvement of the city.

Unique European style architecture, the glittering ice and snow world, and wonderful music events contribute to a charming city known as the “Oriental Paris”. With an improved environment and developed tourism industry, the city of Harbin impressed tourists with its unique beauty.

Many tourists shared their impression of Harbin online after visiting the city:

"Traveling in Harbin is like traveling in European cities. It is a delicate city with good taste."

"Harbin is beautiful and romantic. There are clean alleys and vibrant markets, stylish and elegant beauties, and European-style pedestrian streets."

"We’re proud to see our city become cleaner and more civilized. As a resident of Harbin, I enjoy participating in activities to make our city greener," said Liu, a community volunteer from Nangang district.

Thanks to residents like Liu, the city of Harbin has won the heart of its residents as well as tourists today.


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