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First wetland institute established in Heilongjiang

Updated : 2016-11-23

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Wetlands are a precious natural resource and enjoy a good reputation as the kidneys of the Earth.

On Nov 22, Harbin Wetland Institute and Heilongjiang Wetland Training Center were established to enhance the protection of wetlands in Heilongjiang province.

The two institutions were jointly established by Harbin University, Heilongjiang Wetland Protection and Management Center, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wetlands International.

As the first wetland institute in Heilongjiang province, Harbin Wetland Institute will conduct research on the environment and ecosystem. Meanwhile, it will also provide a platform for the training of professionals in the field of wetland management.

Heilongjiang is one of the provinces which have considerable areas of wetland. It has about 55,600 square meters of natural wetlands, accounting for 12.5 percent of the natural wetlands across the country.

Hu Baozhong, president of Harbin University, introduced some information about the wetlands in Harbin.

Hu claimed that the rejuvenation of Heilongjiang is not only related to the economy, but also concerns the protection and use of the environment. He expressed his view that Harbin Wetland Institute was founded as part of supply-side reforms to the tourism and cultural industry.

Sun Hongqing, secretary of the Harbin University Party Committee, said that the Harbin Wetland Institute will conduct wetland research and provide advice on the best ways to protect the Heilongjiang wetlands.

He also called for the training of more professionals in the area of wetland protection and management, in order to make a contribution to the economic transformation of the whole province.

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