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Food court to open in Daowai district

Updated : 2017-06-07

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Daowai district in Harbin, Heilongjiang province started recording a list of people’s favorite foods from the district on June 5.

This selection aims to improve the level of famous snacks in Daowai district and to build the district into a national food safety demonstration city.

The Chinese-Baroque historic block in Harbin’s Daowai district has a long history. Daowai district plans to open a famous snack food court there, and aims to make it famous around the country within two to three years.

The selection activity will be held every three years. The selected famous snacks will be cultivated into high-profile representative foods in Heilongjiang province and throughout the country.

The selection is by way of self-recommendation, industry recommendation, and recommendations by consumers. Evaluations will be conducted on business licenses, management, food quality, customer satisfaction, cultural authenticity and other aspects.

Votes can be cast on the official WeChat account “Memory Daowai”. The top 10 companies will be awarded certificates and medals.

Companies can either apply to take part through the official WeChat account or submit application materials through the catering department of the market supervision bureau in Daowai district.