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Harbin publicizes construction of civilized city

Updated : 2017-06-07

By Zhou Huiying and Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang province, started an activity themed “Beautiful Harbin, national civilized city” on June 1.

Harbin started to construct a national civilized city in 2010. This latest activity will be carried out to assist with the assessment of the construction of a civilized city, and to publicize the construction on the internet.

In next three weeks, 22 network media outlets will carry out interviews and produce reports in districts and municipal authorities in Harbin.

The interviews and reports will focus on the core values of construction, comprehensive management, developing a soft environment, public enthusiasm, urban and rural-coordinated development and other aspects of the project.

Media involved in this include hlj.people.cn, hlj.xinhuanet.com, hlj.cnr.cn, hlj.sina.com.cn, TouTiao, and Harbin News Network.

All-round and multilevel formats - including news reports, blogs, audio, video, animation, webcast and virtual reality - will be applied in interviews and reports about the construction of a civilized city in Harbin.

Reporters report school activities on a road in Harbin. [Photo/my399.com]

Reporters report school activities at Nangang Elementary School. [Photo/my399.com]