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New Harbin buses provide USB ports

Updated : 2018-08-29

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin recently launched a series of fully-electric buses to help save energy and protect the environment.

The new buses are not only equipped with a heating system to keep passengers warm during Harbin’s bitterly-cold winters, but also with USB charging sockets for passengers to charge phones.

USB charging sockets are installed in five locations around each bus, including both sides of the last row, and in the seats between the front door and back door.

The No 14 and No 120 services will be served by the new vehicles and the price of a bus ticket will rise from 1 yuan ($0.15) to 2 yuan after the new vehicles are put into use.


The No 120 service being operated by a fully-electric bus. [Photo/MY399.COM]


The No 120 service is equipped with USB charging sockets for passengers to charge phones. [Photo/MY399.COM]

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