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Harbin cracks down economic crime

Updated : 2019-05-17

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )


Policemen promote knowledge of combating and preventing economic crime in Harbin, capital city of Northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, on May 15. [Photo/people.cn]

A joint action to promote basic knowledge of combating and preventing economic crime was carried out by the Heilongjiang Provincial Public Safety Bureau and Harbin municipal public safety bureau in Harbin, capital of northeastern Heilongjiang province, on May 15.

Around 100 officers -- focusing on the P2P or peer to peer lending platforms suspected of illegal fund-raising crimes, pyramid sale crimes and financial crimes involving private equity – talked about the characteristics and methods of economic crime, the common criminal tricks, anti-fraud knowledge and self-help skills with the general public.

A total of 20 exhibition boards were set up at the event site on the street. More than 6,000 pieces of publicity material were made available and around 500 Harbin residents inquired about the subject on site.

According to statistics, last year public security departments at all levels in Harbin cracked more than 750 cases of economic crime and prosecuted around 1,000 economic criminal suspects, recovering economic losses of 450 million yuan ($65.43 million) for enterprises and individuals.