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Green corridors on Sun Island ready for use

Updated : 2019-06-06

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin’s locals will soon have access to more glorious walking and riding routes along Sun Island and the banks of the Songhua River -- as the first phase of the Harbin green corridor system project undergoes construction.

The term green corridor refers to a road linking natural landscapes, used for sightseeing, walking, running and bicycle riding.

According to a layout launched by the Harbin authority, the first phase of the project includes 25 routes covering Sun Island scenic spot, Sun Island National Wetland Botanical Garden, Sun Island Yintan Resort, Qunli Waitan Ecological Wetland and Jinhewan Wetland Botanical Garden. The total length of the roads stretches 78 kilometers.

Of these, six green corridors in the Sun Island scenic area will first be put into use on June 20.

Details and features of the green corridors are as follows:

Corridor 1
The route is around 8 km long, stretching along the Songhua River and Sun Island. It features charming river and wetland landscapes and it is recommended for visits by car or on horseback. Scenic spots such as Sun Gate, Friendship Forest and Yuri Platform are a must-see.

Corridor 2
The route is a classic walking route in Sun Island Park, which is dotted by the most classic natural and cultural landscapes in the park: Zuolong Square, Qifeng Platform, Sun Waterfall, Xinxi Friendship Park, Luyuan Park and Flower Park. The road has a total length of 4.1 km and is suitable for walking and picnics.

Corridor 3
The route is an ideal choice for history and photography lovers. It is 2.1 km long and features historical architecture in the Russian style. Beifang Folk Culture Gallery, Russia Flavor Town, Yu Zhixue Art Gallery and Northeast Anti-Japanese Allied Army Museum are recommended.

Corridors 4/5/6
Corridors 4,5,6 are 1.4 km, 2.4 km and 3.6 km long respectively. The three routes feature bird-sightseeing and wetlands landscapes. Of these, Corridor 5 has for the first time been opened to the public and is a great route to visit Harbin Grand Theater.

People can access the corridors through four entrances on Sun Island via walking, bus, metro, ferry and cableway.

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