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Harbin launches buses to serve night passengers

Updated : 2019-08-19

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin recently launched two new buses to serve passengers traveling between the city’s four railway stations, in an attempt to ease the difficulties of passengers traveling at night by bus.

The newly-launched Bus No 4 is a night bus running between 21:00 and 24:00. It starts from the east square of Harbin West Railway Station, running through Zhongxingyou Street, Harbin Avenue, Hexie Avenue and Chengxiang Road, before finally arriving at Harbin East Railway Station.

The return bus will change its route from Harbin East Railway Station – running through Huashu Street, Nanzhi Road and Hongqi Avenue to Harbin West Railway Station. The average journey time of each bus is 30 minutes.

The new Bus No 11 connects Harbin West Railway Station to Harbin North Railway Station and Harbin Railway Station. It starts at the east square of Harbin West Railway Station and passes through Zhongxinyou Street, Harbin Avenue, Zhigong Street, Tieshun Street, the north square of Harbin Railway Station and finally arrives at the Shanshan Outlets.

The return route runs from Shanshan Outlets through Shanshan Road, Limin Avenue, Harbin North Railway Station, to the east square of Harbin West Railway Station.

The bus runs from 6:30 to 24:00 and a single-journey ticket costs 5 yuan.