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Heilongjiang hospital offers nucleic acid tests for virus

Updated : 2020-05-11

By ( e.my399.com )

Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital sets up nucleic acid sample collection stations in front of its Xiangfang branch. [Photo/hljhospital.org.cn]
Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital in Harbin, capital city of China’s northernmost Heilongjiang province, launched a service offering nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 starting on May 7, according to local officials.
Citizens needing the test can enter the novel coronavirus pneumonia screening clinic internet page of the hospital for appointment registrations. There, they can fill out a request for the appointment time and other requirements and complete an online payment.

A citizen shows nucleic acid detection appointment information to a medical staff member of the Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital on May 7. [Photo/hljhospital.org.cn]

After making the arrangements, locals can complete nucleic acid, antibody, lung CT and routine blood tests at the collection station of the hospital’s Xiangfang branch after showing their confirmed appointment message.
The entire procedure for blood specimens, nucleic acid and antibody specimen collections takes only 15 minutes.
Those undergoing the procedure can find their electronic report via the hospital’s online page within 24 hours.
Officials said that the whole process minimizes personnel contact, playing an important role in avoiding cross infection.
A medical worker collects samples from an applicant in Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital’s Xiangfang collection station on May 7. [Photo/hljhospital.org.cn]

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