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Harbin Pharmaceutical Group

Updated : 2013-05-27

By ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co is a state-controlled Sino-Foreign Cooperative Enterprise thathas two listed companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange - Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Sanjing Pharmaceutical Co - and 27 wholly-owned, holding and shareholding companies, with a total registered capital of 3.7 billion yuan ($0.6 billion), total asset of 14.65 billion yuan and 8.96 billion yuan of owner’s equity. It employs18,382 people and has 12 pharmaceutical manufacturing subsidiaries.

The group focuses on pharmaceutical manufacturing andtrade and scientific research, and its main business covers antibiotics, chemical pharmaceutical preparation, nonprescription drugs, healthcare products, modern Chinese herbal medicine, bio-engineering medicine, animal vaccines and medicine distribution.

The group has also set up technology platforms for various products, including antibiotics and veterinary drugs, which are expected to increase its competitiveness in core technologies.
It has more than 130 sales offices in about 30 major cities in China and more than 200 retail chain pharmacies.

The value of its brand - Hayao in Chinese - reaches 15.19 billion yuan, which makes it one of the most valuable domestic medicine brands, and it has invested more than 100 million yuan on research and development of new medicine.