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Harbin enterprises to pay good bonuses to employees

Updated : 2015-01-19

By Liao Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

About 70 percent of Harbin’s enterprises are expected to award year-end bonuses to their employees, according to a recent survey carried out by a specialized research institute.

The amount of bonuses, which the employees from these financial companies will receive, will see an increase of more than 52 percent year-on-year.

Thanks to the development of mobile Internet, the year-end bonus in IT and software industries will grow as well.

Compared with the Internet and real estate, retail and catering will not see such a strong increase in terms of year-end bonuses.

The average bonus in the trust, funds and securities businesses is 10,790 yuan ($1,742), putting it in first place, with banks, insurance, and real estate coming in second with 9,700 yuan.

Of these enterprises, 69.3 percent will pay the year-end bonus in cash. About 18 percent of interviewees in the survey will give them to their parents as a gift, and some people will spend them on shopping, entertainment, and travel, as well as financial management or deposit the money in a bank.