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NE China equity trading center big with over 120 companies

Updated : 2015-09-22

By ( e.my399.com )

An equity trading center in the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang province reports that it now has 126 enterprises, with total registered capital of 8.3 biilion yuan ($1.29 billion), and covering a range of things from green food to Internet-oriented technology, processing, manufacturing and finance.

The center organizers say that their goal is to help the province’s enterprises with fundraising, getting listed, incubation projects or trade and financial innovation, especially for micro-to-small-to-mid-sized companies.

And it has provided a total of 129 million yuan in financing for provincial companies since its founding on July 8 and has plans to increase its finance channels and help build a more complete market system by the end of this year.

Its non-profit public service platform has provincial backing and was set up by the Heilongjiang United Property Rights Exchange and the Harbin municipal government.