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Easier overseas shopping at Harbin's comprehensive bonded zone

Updated : 2016-09-09

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Residents can now pick up their goods on the same day they order them, at the Harbin comprehensive bonded zone.

There are currently 23 enterprises across country that have signed contracts with the comprehensive bonded zone, according to the preparation committee of the zone.

Of the 23 enterprises, six have registered their business certificates and are prepared set up in the zone after national acceptance inspection.

Some of the enterprises have established B2C (business to consumer) cross regional e-commerce platforms, which will help customers to buy products from abroad.

The 23 enterprises mainly carry out trade and processing, with related products such as imported candies, honey, flour, and wine.

One of the biggest advantages of buying goods from a comprehensive bonded zone is that the postage fees are much lower than buying products from abroad directly.

Comprehensive bonded zones are areas of special customs supervision which enable reduced tax trade.

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