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Heilongjiang offers business subsidies to lure graduates

Updated : 2016-12-28

By Wang Wei ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Students who have returned to Heilongjiang province from abroad following graduation can apply for subsidies when they start their own businesses, according to the latest news from Heilongjiang Human Resources and the Social Security Bureau.

Those who apply for the subsidies should have spent at least one year studying in a foreign country, and have received a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification.

Other people who qualify for the subsidies include visiting scholars and post-doctoral research students having worked at least one year at colleges, universities, scientific research institutions, or companies in foreign countries.

For a person who already has their own business, they have to be the legal representative of their company, and it must have strong potential in product research and development, and the potential to produce strong results. If they are lucky enough to win the subsidy, they can receive 100,000 yuan ($14,000).

For a person who doesn’t run their own company, but can do research and development work independently, they can apply for a 50,000 yuan subsidy. They must have no more than five years of work experience after returning home from abroad.

Those who want to get the subsidy should log onto the following website and apply: http://hl.lss.gov.cn.

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